• AJ


    multimedia stuff

  • Emanuele Ballarin

    Emanuele Ballarin

    [Data Science | AI] student. Into [deep | reinforcement | bayesian] learning, [safe | verifiable | adversarially-robust | neuromorphic] AI. Quantitativist.

  • Ankit PAtel

    Ankit PAtel

  • Eran Kinsbruner

    Eran Kinsbruner

    Chief DevOps evangelist, speaker, Author at Perforce. Specializes in software testing for mobile and web, and SAST. My blog: https://continuoustesting.dev/

  • Prakash Kamalakannan

    Prakash Kamalakannan

  • 李燕春


  • Ahmed Tarek

    Ahmed Tarek

    Software Engineer blogs about .NET and JavaScript 😉 Follow me on Twitter @AhmedTarekHasa1, and LinkedIn @atarekhasan. About Me: https://bit.ly/3f1JJrl

  • Fernand Lone-Sang

    Fernand Lone-Sang

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