How to Try the PVS-Studio Beta Plugin for CLion

PVS-Studio is a tool that finds potential vulnerabilities and code errors in C\C++\C#\Java code. Starting its journey with Windows systems, the analyzer has come to the world of Linux and macOS. It has not been fully adapted to these ecosystems until now, but the situation has changed. First came the PVS-Studio plugin for Rider.

Now we’re pleased to present the first beta version of the PVS-Studio plugin for CLion. We invite everyone to try this new plugin. Since it is a beta version, it is highly likely that something can go wrong. We’d appreciate feedback, bug reports and underworkings noticed: feedback form.

To get a trial key for the analyzer, visit the “PVS-Studio Early Access Program” page. Here are details about installation and use.


  1. More details. Beta-Testing of PVS-Studio Plugin for JetBrains CLion.
  2. Documentation. Using PVS-Studio with JetBrains Rider and CLion.
  3. We kindly remind open project developers and students about options to get a PVS-Studio license for free.